Here, your money earns more—over 3x¹ more.

Limited-Time Special

Set it. Forget it. Watch it grow.

In just six months, you’ll have earned interest at more than 3x the national average¹—leaving your savings with even more savings.

No need to watch the market or hunt for great rates. It’s all right here at Cross Valley FCU.

Open yours at any branch

Earn an amazing 4.60% APY with our 6-month Share Certificate. For those wanting a longer rate guarantee: 4.45% APY (12-Month Share Certificate). [desktop] Earn an amazing 4.60% APY with our 6-month Share Certificate. For those wanting a longer rate guarantee: 4.45% APY (12-Month Share Certificate). [mobile]
  • Earnings compounded quarterly
  • Minimum $500 to open
  • 100% guaranteed return
  • No rate fluctuation

Why a Share Certificate can work for you.

Sure, there are many ways to earn a decent yield on your money these days, but none give you the guarantee of a Share Certificate (known as CD’s in the banking world). While high-yield savings accounts can reduce their rates overnight, a Share Certificate from Cross Valley FCU locks your rate in and guarantees you that high return.

  • Earnings compounded quarterly
  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • Zero risk / All reward
  • Guaranteed high-yield savings
  • Different maturity terms available
  • Applies to new money only

Come in to open yours today

Regardless of the term you choose, our Share Certificate is a guaranteed way to seriously bulk up your savings.

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6-Month Special

4.60% APY²

12-Month Special

4.45% APY²


An Opportunity to save is your Opportunity to earn.

To learn more about our Share Certificates, download our Truth-in-Share Certificates Disclosure.

Financial wellbeing is about more than watching your money grow.

At Cross Valley FCU, we understand the road to Opportunity can sometimes be rough. We know this because we travel it, too. Bills need to get paid and food needs to find its way to the table. Some days that’s easy, and others it’s not. Thankfully our credit union offers a full suite of financial tools and local experts to help you use them.

And then there are our most in-demand loans, where there’s more than meets the eye. Curious? Keep reading.

Auto Loans & Refinancing

Relax. We'll get you there.

Whether you’re purchasing new or used, refinancing your current loan for a smaller monthly payment or even buying out your lease, Cross Valley offers flexible terms, amazing rates and an easy application that’s all done online.

Personal Loans

The do-almost-anything loan.

A Personal Loan from Cross Valley offers up to $15,000 with no upfront collateral and set monthly payments you can afford. From emergency funds to paying off high-interest rate credit card debt, use it for absolutely whatever you need—whenever you need it.

Home Equity Lines of Credit

It's okay to hug your home.

Love your home and then let it love you back. With a Home Equity Line of Credit from Cross Valley, the equity you've put into your home can grant you funds for nearly anything you need—leaving you with a home loan that will love you back.


National average for a 6-month CD or Share Certificate is 1.49% annual percentage yield based on available data as of January 2, 2024 via


APY = Annual Percentage Yield. The APY is current as of January 1, 2024. For full details, please review our Truth-in-Share Certificates Disclosure or contact the credit union (570-823-6836). Rates, terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice. Penalty for early withdrawal applies. Member eligibility is required.